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How it works

A solid foundation that's simple to adapt and extend.

Quick start

Ready to use drag and drop components.

This is a living UI Kit, not just a static design system. Its components are fully responsive layouts with custom forms for editing their content. You can use them out of the box or adapt them using DX8's low code website development tools.

Ready to use components

Using the UI Kit

A simple base for you to adapt.

The UI Kit includes website components for common design patterns and website layouts.
It's simple by design so you can adapt it easily to your individual project requirements.

If you're familiar with Cohesion DX8, creating new components couldn't be easier. 
Simply duplicate an existing component and adapt it to your needs. 

See what's included

A component being adapted to create two new components

BASE grid

Pixel perfect 8 point grid system.

The UI Kit uses an 8 pt grid system. This provides the most flexible base possible and at the same time drives pixel perfect consistency across all layouts.

All layouts adapt to desktop, tablet and phone screen sizes. So, forget about 10's and start thinking in 8's... You won't regret it.

8 point grid system


Responsive typography that works.

Spend less time working out type sizes for paragraphs, block quotes, lists and headings across multiple responsive break points. 

The UI Kit includes a complete set of styles for base typographic elements. Based on an 8pt system that adapts to desktop, tablet and phone screen sizes your type will look great everywhere. Use it or adapt it to your projects design style.

Responsive typography